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Do you know the $ circulates ONLY 6 HOURS in the black community compared to 30 days in Asian, 20 in Jewish and 17 in white communities? To increase economic power and improve our neighborhoods, schools and reduce crime rate associated with lack, WE MUST PURPOSEFULLY AND ACTIVELY Support Winning black owned businesses utilizing our $1.1 trillion buying power.
BLACKBUCKS is the marketplace marketing black owned businesses (Business and Consumer Services and Products) where finding and doing business with winning black owned businesses is a breeze. Join BLACKBUCKS and Shop BLACKBUCKS, review businesses you support to help them improve their services or continue their good works. Let’s increase the 6 hour $ circulation to 30 Days by 2030! Invite Friends, Family, and Co-Workers and Share on Your Social Media platforms. We can significantly improve black communities through our buying choices.

Join BLACKBUCKS and Shop BLACKBUCKS! It’s FREE for individuals.

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